We collect 5 makeup tool to help you put the makeup on effortlessly.

1. An eye shadow stamp to create beautiful colors eyeshadows in seconds

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Love it
Amazing tool for people who like to create good gorgeous make up. Need a little practice but is working miracles

simona d. murgescu

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2. A brush color removal sponge to switch color effortlessly

Glide the brush gently against the sponge surface to remove powder pigment thoroughly and instantly.

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I ABSOLUTELY love the updated shadow change r

I had the original one of these (just a bit black Sponge) and it started to tear up and become worn out from daily use and weekly washing. Was a little annoyed that this brand only lasted about 3 months before I had to replace it. As I was shopping for a new one, I came across this updated one that has the black party to wipe off Eyeshadow color but also a small white one in the center that you wet so when you need a wet brush… You have the tools right there. This feature in itself made it so much more worth the $7 every 3 months! I always use a wet angled brush shipped in Eyeshadow on my lower lid instead of eyeliner and I just loved having this. I would recommend this to anyone who does their eye makeup at least a few days a week


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3. An makeup shield to put on perfect eyeshadow, eyelash, lip and nail

It’s a perfect product for creating straight edge for shadow and protecting under eye area from eye shadow fallout.

You can cut in whatever shape you like for eye shadow, eyelash, lip and nails.

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4. A handy makeup remover pen to correct annoying tiny mistakes

Quickly correct small makeup smudges, smears and mistakes. Erases even long wearing and waterproof makeup. Perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag on-the-go

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Handy Tool

This is such a handy tool! I’m messy with mascara and these save me from redoing eyeshadow and under eye concealer! You have to use a very light touch with these or you take off more than you want to.


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5. No more uneven wing with eyeliner stamp

Dramatically reduce the time of your makeup routine.

It consist of cruelty free and vegan friendly formula.

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Honestly, I wish I had thought of this. A stamp for the right eye and left eye on the end of liquid eyeliner pencil with a liner on the other side of each pencil. I always mess up the wing but these are perfect! Much more subtle from the front but just what I love.

Mona G

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